Katie Bethke, Professional Soccer Player

“The training I got was specifically designed for my needs as an individual and athlete. The workouts were grueling and intense, which got me into incredible shape leading into my senior year of soccer at University of Minnesota. Every drill and exercise was carefully planned out to improve a part of my game whether it be endurance, speed, agility, or strength. If you want a genuine trainer who will work around your schedule and will design a program for your needs, I would look no further. If you are willing to put in the work, the results will come. ”

Krisan Hug, Retired Educator

“As my student, I knew that twinkle in Jeff Roger’s eye would lead to something very special. Little did I know, the roles would be reversed, and he would become my teacher. Through fitness, Jeff has taught me the importance of exercise and strength training. He has guided me into developing a healthier lifestyle, which has equated to a happier life as I transition into retirement.”

Anthony H., Stockbroker

“After participating in numerous “boot camps” and other “group fitness programs,” I was looking for a qualified trainer who was willing to focus their entire energy toward MY individual fitness goals. I found that in Rogcity Fitness. Jeff has helped me stay committed to his complex, yet creative training program which he tailored to my individual goals.”

Jenna S., Engineer

“When I first met Jeff, I immediately felt comfortable. Tired and overweight, he has changed the way I feel about exercising and staying healthy. Now, I have a lot more energy to keep up with four busy kids and have a newfound level of self-esteem. In 4 months, I have lost 20 pounds and have kept it off. Jeff’s positive attitude makes exercising fun; I look forward to working out!”

Kyle Frenette, Artist Manager

“I had always wanted to try the whole 'workout' thing, I just never knew where to begin. Jeff showed me where to begin and so much more. Initially, I asked Jeff to craft a workout program that could be easily taught in just one or two sessions - a program that I could learn to do on my own, without daily assistance from him or another trainer. Not only did Jeff craft such a program, he went far and beyond. Five programs later, I couldn't be more happy with where I'm at physically, and I couldn't have done it without Jeff's careful precision and encouragement.

The thing I like most about Jeff's programs are their strict focus on both strength and endurance; each program possess a balance that's both focused and intense, that primes your muscles and strengthens your breath. The progression of each program has been key: Jeff's strict attention to detail in crafting each one around its predecessor is what makes them work so well. And their versatility is unmatched. I've been able to keep up with each program on my own after only one or two session with Jeff; he shows me how to properly execute each move, and away I go!

I've experienced many physical improvements since working with Jeff, but most of all, Jeff's training has taught me to take good care of my body, which carries over in so many aspects of living a healthy life."